Cat Woman and the Riddler in The Batman movie

Following the overwhelming success of Joaquin Phoenix’s movie Joker, directed and written by Todd Phillips, everyone in the DC world has been waiting for the new Batman movie. The new film bears the task of saving Batman’s legacy after DC’s favorite villain “The Joker” became the new Gotham champion, making more than $ 700 million worldwide. The film is written and directed by Matt Reeves, who accepted the film’s rescue after Ben Affleck retired as Batman. Between a new hero and a host of villains in the face of Batman, we bring to you what we can expect from this film.

Paul Dano is The Riddler

One of the highlights of the new movie “Batman” is the selection of American actor Paul Dano to play the role of “The Riddler” . The villain known by comics fans for his passion for puzzles, which continues in a long struggle with “Batman”, where he finds Riddler fun through a challenge Batman has many puzzles and complex issues.

The film will focus mainly on the past of Riddler and the backstory of him to become a comic fan, which is very similar to what we saw in Batman. He finds his pleasure in solving issues rather than causing them.

Paul Dano is known for his roles in the films There will be blood, Miss Sunshine, and for his successful critically acclaimed film Wild Life. (Wildlife).

Cat Woman and the Bad Guys

Another important news is that Cat Woman (Zoe Kravitz) will also appear against Batman, and a new face will do the job this time as well. Interestingly, the film’s director, Marvis, has stated that Cat Woman will be part of the wicked band that will face Batman. The villains of DC are not solitary as we have seen before.

Twilight Champion

All this news is of course added to the new old story about the film starring Robert Pattinson in the role of “Batman”, a choice that critiqued by the public and film critics. Some fear that Pattinson is unable to perform the roll due to a lack of experience. In addition For the mental image that the audience formed of him as one of the heroes of the teen film series “Twilight”, the series in which Pattinson appeared in the role of a vampire.

On the other hand, others emphasize their optimism that the role of Batman will go to a new young man after Ben Affleck failed to inherit the legacy of Christian Bell, a legacy that seems suitable for Pattinson, especially as the film is about the beginnings of “Batman” in the youth, and how he found his way slowly to become the city knight and protector.

In a recent interview with Esquire U.K., Pattinson described putting the bat suit on for the first time as a “transformative” experience. “It’s kind of insane,” he told the magazine. “I was so far away from ever thinking it was a realistic prospect. I literally do not understand how I’ve got it, at all.”

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Planet of the Apes

The most important addition to this film is the admission of an acclaimed director and composer, Matt Reeves. Just as DC did with Todd Phillips in The Joker, Matt Reeves also has full freedom to make the film his own. The plots rely on solving the mystery and complex crime we see from the perspective of the hero throughout the film. This is what drives us to expect a dark ride, full of suspense and emotions. It certainly will be very different from the rest of Batman’s films we have seen before.

Matt Reeves has succeeded both publicly and critically in making a new appearance for the movie series Planet of the Apes, with the films Dawn of the planet of Apes in 2014 and The War of the Apes. War of the planet of Apes) in 2017.


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