Asma a Muslim woman who bravely defended Jewish Family

A Muslim woman defends a Jewish family in the London metro

The British Labour Party was in the spotlight earlier this year after several members of Parliament left the party, charging that its leader Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic.

It’s no surprise that the anti-semitic sentiment has also gained popularity amongst citizens. Anti-Semitic attacks worldwide rose 13 percent in 2018 from the previous year, with the highest number of incidents reported in major Western democracies including the United States, France, Britain and Germany, an annual study showed.

The report, by Tel Aviv University’s Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, said far-right and far-left activists and Islamists were behind many attacks but said there was also evidence of anti-Semitism going more mainstream.

It is no longer an issue confined to the activity of the far left, far right and radical Islamists – it is a more mainstream and integral part of life.

Recently, a Muslim woman received wide acclaim in Britain, after confronting a man who insulted a Jewish man and his family on the tube, north of London.

The British transport police have made it clear that they are investigating the incident that occurred on Friday evening and documented by videos to achieve a wide spread on social networking sites.

Chris Atkins/PA
Chris Atkins/PA

The passages show a man wearing a hat reading a passage from the Bible. He accusing the Jews of being “charlatans who started the slave trade,” and leaning toward the eldest son of the Jewish man. When a passenger tried to stop him, the attacker said, “Get out of my face. I’ll punch you in your nose.” Then he continues to make more threats and insults to the Jewish man and his son. In the video a woman, named Asma, tells the man “there are children in here”, causing her to be applauded for making a stand.

Asma a Muslim woman and mother

Asma, London metro | Chris Atkins/PA
Chris Atkins/PA

On Saturday Asma spoke to IlmFeed, an account that shares positive stories about Islam and Muslims. She said: “As a Muslim woman and mother I know what it’s like to be attacked and dehumanised for my faith and I couldn’t just watch and see this happen to another family with young children.” Asma added: “I am overwhelmed by the amazing response [after the video was shared].. from people of all different faiths and backgrounds.”

Hundreds of people responded to the shocking video which was filmed on the Northern Line and lauded Asma’s actions. One person tweeted: “Big shout out to the (Muslim?) lady in the head scarf, very courageous of her to intervene. “She was very calm and police and spoke out to defend the Jewish family, what a credit to her religion.”

“incredibly brave”

A director named Chris Atkins picked up the incident on his phone. He spoke to Sky News, saying four passengers, including a veiled Muslim woman, had confronted the abusive man, describing the latter as “incredibly brave.”

Atkins released the footage after obtaining permission from the abused Jewish man, saying that the father and son were sitting with a younger child, and a woman who was not shown by the camera.

The director explained that the abusive man was insulting and threatening the Jew, describing him as “he was really terrifying and evil. I could not believe it. It was strange to see someone with such atrocity and rudeness. The child was terrified, while the father was calm and ignored the abuse.”

Minutes later, the abusive man left the train, and after the footage of the incident was posted on the Internet users of the sites hastened to praise the Muslim woman who faced him.

“That lady is a privileged woman,” wrote anchor Susie Berry, while another person tweeted: “The young Muslim woman was a star.”

One user wrote “Twitter”: “A Muslim woman defends a Jewish father and his son gives me renewed hope in the future of this wonderful country.”

The British Transport Police had tweeted to “Atkins”, saying: “Very sorry; because you saw this. We are aware and are conducting investigations.”

“We are aware of a video showing passengers being harassed and targeted with hostile abuse on a train on the northern line. Investigations are under way,” she said.

British Transport Police officers said officers made the arrest at an address in Birmingham this evening and a man was arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence. He remains in custody.


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